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Winston’s Music School is an accessible method teaching rhytmical music for primary education. Group teachers can do a single short personal training of 2 hours providing them with the necessary tools to teach the basics of rhythm and music to children.



Winston Scholsberg will address the children from the digiboard encouraging them to participate in different kinds of rhythmical excercises. This experienced trainer and coach works with a step by step teaching method focussing on learning by experience, motor development, social cohesion and adaptive listening. These videos bring music to the classroom and musicality to the children.

What a teacher can do


Winston’s Music School focusses on learning by experience, motor development, social cohesion and adaptive listening. This teaching method brings musicality and skills to the classroom helping group teachers to set the necessary conditions for the children to learn. Is everybody ready? Are we all participating? What can we improve? A teacher will address his coaching skills to energize and facilitate the group.

Why you should join this program!


Eventhough the videos are very effective it is advisable to join this personal training program at your facility. Children will learn the difference when you know what we know! And we would love to share our knowledge and experience with you.

This is what we will do together:


– Go over the basic structure for the teaching method


– How you can determine the children’s progress


– Best way to explain Winston’s instructions in the videos


– The number of repetitions you need


– How you can teach this method even when you are not musically gifted


– Different ways to best communicate this program to the children


– How to get the best out of the Youtube video format on this website

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