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This is how is works

WMS-melanie_silvia_kutzke-1Winston’s Music School is a digital music teaching method focussing on learning by experience, motor development, social cohesion and adaptive listening.

This method contains the following programs:

– Winston Mini 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade

– Winston’s Beat 3rd up to 8th grade

– Presentations with rhythms, raps and rhythmic songs for children (4th to 8th grade) to perform in front of a live audience

Winston Mini is a program developed specifically for the younger children. Through play they will learn the basic rules in music like silence, tempo and dynamics. This program is perfect for developing concentration, discipline and listening skills. The 4th lesson will recapture on the previous lessons with an exciting musical story which the children can perform for their parents or others to show everybody what they have learned.

Winston’s Beat is a complete program teaching the fundamentals of music to the older children in 3rd to 8th grade. They will learn musical definitions by experiencing many-voiced singing, developing their own rhythms and conducting a group. After completing this program the children will be ready to start learning how to perform in front of a live audience.

The presentations-program is designed for three different grades;

– Junior (4th grade)

– Medium (5th grade)

– Master (7th grade)

The children will learn longer and more difficult rhythms, raps and rhythmic songs. Teachers can download additional MP3’s after learning the songs from the online tutorials. These MP3’s will enable the group to perform in front of a live audience without the use of the digiboard.

Winston’s Music School uses a specialized and comprehensive teaching method focussing on playing, listening, improvising, conducting, presentation and activity. The ultimate goal is for children to learn about rhythmic music and bodypercussion, improve over time and develop their skills to make music themselves. It should encourage children to learn how to play an instrument or sing a song.