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About WMS

An introduction

Music Matters is a Dutch foundation providing music projects for primary eduction in corporation with SKVR, de Doelen, Codarts, the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and WMDC teaching children the basics of singing and music. Winston’s Music School is a digital music teaching method designed for the 1st grade up to 8th grade. A single compact online training will show group teachers how to teach advanced rhythm lessons to kids.

Winston on the digiboard

Winston Scholsberg is a professional musician, storyteller and certified trainer who brings bodypercussion to a whole new level. Everthing he does with his hands, feet, thighs and chest turns into music! When Winston appears on the digiboard the whole classroom will move and groove within 5 minutes. Everybody participates in a step by step tutorial learning more difficult rhythms with each step, after repeating the tutorials as many times as they like.

What a teacher can do

Winston’s Music School focusses on learning by experience, motor development, social cohesion and adaptive listening. This teaching method brings musicality and skills to the classroom helping group teachers to set the necessary conditions for the children to learn. Is everybody ready? Are we all participating? What can we improve? A teacher will address his coaching skills to energize and facilitate the group.

Teach the teacher

Group teachers will have access to a single compact training. In about 2 hours they will learn how to use the videos and put all the tips & tricks to good use. After finishing this training they are ready to go! All the teaching materials are easily accessible on this website at any given time.